COPE Programs: Changing One Life at a Time

COPE Service Dogs

Our mission is to empower students to face and overcome their own challenges, while training our service dogs alongside our service dog instructors.

COPE started as a means to share service dogs’ (and puppies) unique ability to help a wide range of people, moving beyond those living with physical disabilities.

This belief led to the creation of ‘Canines in the Classroom’ (CIC), COPE’s signature program.

Now running Barrie and previously Caledon programs (Humberview Secondary School), CIC matches students with COPE puppies, teaching them how to train up to 90 Service Dog commands, while earning credits towards their high school diploma.

Happier students and well-trained service puppies, it’s a win-win!

Watch our Canines in the Classroom video, or browse through our programs list for more information.