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Class of 2019

Meet Saint!

It is easy to describe Saint, his name says it all!

Son to COPE Service Dogs’ Gordie, he was whelped at Tender Loving Canines Assistance Dogs in San Diego, CA. James Goodhand a wonderful COPE volunteer helped fly this adorable, three-month-old, bundle of fur home to us using his Air Canada employee privilege passes.

There was no question as to what he would be called as COPE was honoured to have The Samsara Saints bestow this fitting name. The Saints are a motorcycle riding club that prides themselves on giving back to the community. Over the past few years, these heros have gone above and beyond supporting COPE Service Dogs.

Saint is fostered by two families and adores staying at both homes. He is full of life and a natural at retrieving. He brings something to the door when anyone enters the house; a toy, a shoe or a glove. Saint is known for his high jumps that sometimes reach five feet in the air. When not in training he loves being outdoors and on or near the water.

Saint loves training and really enjoys retrieving and tugging; opening doors are a breeze for him. He has had to work hard at not sliding out of a ‘sit’ on hard surfaces. Distraction by other dogs was a big challenge to Saint but he has proudly mastered that issue now.

Saint wants to wish everyone a fantastic, safe and healthy long weekend!

Saint’s Picks

Movie: Pup Fiction
Motorcycle: Barkley Davidson
Activity: Ruffereeing at the dog park

Meet Lola!

Lola is the dog that will steal your heart and keep it forever. She will fascinate you with her stunning looks and great personality. Born to Saint Francis Service Dogs in Virginia, Lola arrived at COPE in August of 2018.

Nicknamed Annabelle, she spent the summer with temporary Puppy Fosters Tom, Trevor and fellow canine Sadie, on an Island in Georgian Bay. This is where Lola developed her greatest joy in life, swimming.

Once fall arrived Lola was placed with her permanent Fosters Jay, Tracy and their Cocker Spaniel Jersey. Lola adores her family and their Granddaughter Juliette. Being near people is essential for her!

Lola is an eager learner at refinement training. She gets jealous when she sees another dog doing tasks she loves. Lola learns most effectively when commands are broken down in smaller increments. She has the most magnificent soft dark brown eyes that accurately communicates her needs. She also is intuitive, compassionate and always seems to know who needs her love and service the most.

Lola is looking forward to better days when she can work in our Canines in the Classroom program and be with her large COPE family!