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Potential clients with disabilities may apply to be matched with a COPE Service Dog.

NOTE:  COPE Service Dogs is currently not accepting new application requests for Service (Mobility) Dogs as the high volume of applicants has exceeded our capacity for timely placement.  COPE Service Dogs is committed to serve the families that are currently on the waiting list or who have already received an application package.  We will resume accepting new application requests for Service (Mobility) Dogs as soon as the needs of the current waiting list are met. Please refer to the website for updates. Our Facility Dog and Career Change Dog programs are remaining open to new application requests.  June 9, 2019

The application process begins by first completing the Service (Mobility) Dog – Pre-application Form.

Please download and save to your computer. Complete the form and forward it to the email address or mail address provided on the form.

If you have trouble viewing the form, you may need to update or download Adobe Reader.  Please obtain free download from

Annual application deadline is July 31st.

Please note: COPE Service Dogs does not provide guide dogs for people who are blind or visually impaired, hearing dogs for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, seizure alert/response dogs for people living with epilepsy, autism dogs for people living with autism spectrum disorder or diabetic alert dogs for people living with diabetes, psychiatric service dogs for people with PTSD, depression, anxiety or any other psychiatric disability.

Service Dogs for Children with Disabilities

If applying for a dog on behalf of a child, the child must be eight years of age or older.  Applicants must live within a three hour driving distance from Barrie, Ontario. (Based on Google Maps)

Application Review Process

Your pre-application form will be reviewed and potential candidates for a service dog will receive a formal application package.

Submitted applications are thoroughly assessed based on several criteria, including:

  • the potential client’s needed support
  • their ability to support a service dog
  • suitability of the client’s environment
  • the skills and abilities of our service dogs-in-training.

The next step of the application process is a telephone follow-up and in-person interview. This process will determine whether a COPE Service Dog is the right solution for applicants and may take several months or longer.

COPE does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, level of literacy, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age or disability in our programming, services, and staffing and volunteer needs. A policy of equal opportunity and non-discrimination is fundamental to our nonprofit mission.

Application Approval Process

Upon approval, potential clients are scheduled for an annual training camp that takes place in two installments during the spring and summer months. It is at this training camp that potential service dogs and clients are introduced, develop a new bond, and train intensively to take on their new roles.

Following placement, ongoing training support and evaluation is offered by COPE instructors to ensure the best partnership is being achieved.

Is a Service (Mobility) Dog right for you?

Costs associated with receiving and maintaining a COPE Service (Mobility) Dog

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