Community Canines

COPE Community Canines

a new program of COPE Service Dogs


COPE Community Canine Partners who would like to provide a forever home to a puppy and serve their community by doing therapy work after the puppy graduates.


A program in which COPE–bred puppies are trained via the Canines in the Classroom and Reading Buddy programs to become therapy dogs that go on to work with their owners to enhance the lives of others.


The puppies are trained in COPE’s Canines in the Classroom program under the supervision of professional trainers. This program allows the students to experience many personal, academic and social benefits as they participate in the training of these wonderful therapy dogs.


Whenever COPE has new puppies to enter the program. Get on our waiting list for a COPE Community Canine by contacting Peggy Lee at


To maximize the mutual benefits of human/canine interaction. Community Canines help those people who could benefit most.


COPE Community Canine Partners purchase a COPE- bred puppy and ensure it can participate in Canines in the Classroom training classes on for 2 years. Partners are trained on handling skills with their Community Canine and will perform therapy visits from the time the dog is 1 year old.

The Fine Print:

COPE covers the cost of dog food and treats through the generosity of Pedigree®. COPE can offer discounted veterinary care through the generosity of COPE approved animal hospitals. COPE covers the cost of training of the Community Canine Partner.

Community Canine Partners are responsible for purchasing the puppy, all care for the lifetime of the dog, and transportation to all training and therapy visit sessions (including Canines in the Classroom).

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